Thursday, January 6, 2011

He's a Raunchy, Posh, Saucy Nacho lovin Rob!

Because of sexy Rob, I have a favorite word list.

And here they go.

Rob and I luv to eat Nachos together


I prefer Saucey, but spell check said it is saucy....

I just want his sauce on me!!! Who cares how you spell it!!!!



Friday, December 31, 2010

Sex with Robert Pattinson

My fav 2010 article on Robert Pattinson was one that reported Robert and Kristen took 12 hours to shoot the Breaking Dawn sex scene!!!  as soon as I read that, all these Robporn images came to my head!!!

Imagine boinking him for 12 frkn hours!! It reported that Edward bit into a pillow, Edward was so in a hot fuckery mood he had to bite into the pillow to control his urge to bite Bella. Now I would have taken that pillow away from him and gotten me some battle scars.

What I love about this article is Robert admitted he gets carried away when he has to kiss Kristen. So those kisses are flippin real!!!

Rob admits, "When we start the kissing scenes I forget we're surrounded by a load of people. I actually end up getting really carried away"
“It’s only when the kiss is finished that my mind registers there’s actually a set full of people around, and I just walk away embarrassed,"

“By the time you guys see the nude scenes it looks really erotic because it’s been edited and you’ll have music. What you don’t see is the eight camera men, the director and about 50 people on set.”

“The truth is you come out of your dressing room in a little robe and know that in a few minutes, you’re going to be taking it off in front of a lot of people.”

I was soo happy to have read this article!!!! It made me feel fuckericious that entire week!!!! Everything I did, everything I seen seemed to be screaming "Gotta have Sex with Rob, Gotta have Sex with Rob"

Everywhere I turned.. it was there!!!!

I was afraid to even look at my Mini Edward and do naughty things with him. So I began my hunt of something better.

Since he did mention he was "this big", it was hard to find the exact size!!!

I went and purchased me a few of these and did some modifications... but no, I don't think that is what he feels like. So then I said to myself, Maybe? Just maybe if I freeze it? I can get an Edward fuckery frenzy? but no... it warmed up too fast!!!

I turned to look at my Twilight Collection, and this gave me a great idea.

I do remember Edward saying something like
and I obey his every command ;)


but honestly, this is how it felt
HELLO!! I am team Edward, not Jacob, I don't want to boink Jacob!!!

so I felt like James... I was on a mission!!! I will stop at nothing!!!

LETS FACE IT!!! The only way to know what it feels like is to actually go down that happy trail!!!
AND explore!!!

and he can explore me, I don't mind. I am not greedy, I would share with Robward.

Til, that day comes.. I will continue wearing my Rob Panties and Ride horses at the same time.

I shall edit his commentary on Eclipse where he says he is eating an In-N-Out Burger, I will edit to where he would say "In n Out, In n Out, In n Out" in a slow to fast pace....


Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 The Year I met TwilightMoms

2010 frk'n rocked!!! I loved this year! I met so many TwiMoms in person from California, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  I also became friends with alot of TwiMoms via and fb, hope to meet them one day in person.

My fav would be when I got an email on from someone who lived in my hometown.  We emailed back and forth, mentioned other details to find out she was one of my daughter's teachers!

We were so embarrassed! but went ahead with our friendship :)

We went to Harpo studio to try and get a peak of the Twilight cast, and ended up meeting a bunch of TwilightMoms who are part of my life everyday. (I didn't post their pics on these videos, not sure if they would mind)

My second favorite is the Twilight Convention!!! The highlight of the convention besides reuniting with my TwilightMom friends  who drove out of state to be there, would be Michael Welch. Don't get me wrong Peter Facinelli is a total hottie, he is so nice and gave Cindy and I a hug. He is sooo soft <3 Also meeting Kiowa Gordon rocked.

But...Michael Welch. holy fuckaroni!!!!! That Michael is frkn buff!! His chest is like iron, those biceps.. my heart just started racing remembering.  I loved Michael Welch on Friday Karaoke night!!!! I would love for him to come back out to Chicago, karaoke was hecka fun with him!!! I got a hug from him as well after karaoke, he said thank you to me, sigh  (squeeee). I just wanted to grab his hair and do things to him.

After that I bumped into Bronson while he was eating pizza, chilling hanging out listening to the karaoke party. That was totally not expected!!!  Yes I did watch him eat pizza, those jaw muscles!!! I love jaw porn!!! I got a hug from him too (squeeeeee)

that night was EPIC! I will never forget it, I have all these images racing through my head, I wish I can just splatter them on this blog :) oh of course meeting Hillywood Show... droool.. DREW LORENTZ!

I just wanted to share some of my Twilighty Favs of 2010!!!!

thank you followers, I am a new blogger and hope to gain new followers for the upcoming year. If so, I shall do major give aways, I so need to clean out my closet! So spread the word and tell your peeps to follow :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson Rathbone!!!

 Today shall be a fabulous day!!
and why?   you ask?
It's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ birthday today!!!
(hint hint..see below)

and I am going to pretend Jackson Rathbone is reading this :)



happy birthday to you!! happy birthday to you!! happy birthday dear fabulous hot sexy Jackson!!!
happy birthday to you!!!

I made this with my own 2 little hands/clicking of a mouse/dragging pictures to fit etc etc
hope you like it!!!

hope you have a fantastic 26th birthday!!!

Today pocket Jackson and I shall celebrate his birthday together.
(o.k o.k, I know it's pocket Jasper, but for today it's pocket Jackson)

oh, yea... I have a bone to pick with someone!!
Why the heck do I have to work on Jackson's birthday!?!
I think Robert Pattinson's & Jackson Rathbone's birthdays should be national holidays!

Seriously People!!! it's not fair!

Work will not get in the way, Pocket Jackson and I shall have a piece of cake on my lunch break.
I shall sing to him and he WILL blow out his little candles (with my help)

he WILL wish to be my husband one day

Jackson.. your dream shall come true <sigh>

and we will have 100 little monkeys <3
or at least have fun trying to make them ;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Kiss from Robert Pattinson

Letylandies!!! <high five> I love you guys!!!!!

another ROB DREAM!!!
(unfortunately it wasn't RobPorn but still extra awesome)

I arrived on a beautiful Island during sunset. It was gorgeous!  It was for my cousin's wedding. She went all out on the wedding, paid for everyone to get there, hotel rooms, and etc.

Then I went shopping with my mom and found this elegant dress. It was kinda like a tube top shimmery silky black that faded into a silver/white color on the bottom of it covered with rhinestone. It had big rhinestones fading into small ones towards the bottom. The bottom part of the dress was black with a silky sheer layer over it, it made it look silvery when I walked. I loved it!!! It made me look thinner!! woohoo!!! I wore it right out the store :)

We walked down the sandy beach admiring the small boats on the ocean.. it was heaven.

Then we seen a big ship dock and a bunch of people coming out with cameras/equipments.

I asked around what was going on! Was it part of my cousin's wedding?

My cousin then found me in the confusion of movie producers and staff. She pulled me and told me they are filming some movie called "Breaking Dawn".

I squeeeeed and jumped!!! I was practically shaking my cousin trying to explain Twilight and Robert Pattinson. 

 Some of my other cousins were standing around whispering how they seen my facebook statuses and know how much of a TwiFan I am.

Then guess who walks out of the ship passing me!!!!!

Kellan Lutz!!!! (in his Emmett Cullen look)

I squeed and couldn't remember his real name, I went blank!!
(damn letylandies)

 I knew I had to yell out something to get his attention and say hi to him.
 So I yelled out "EMMETT", then realized what a moron I was... he is not Emmett.
He is just playing a character named Emmett, he must think I am a looser!
But he turned and said hi to me :)

I was so excited! I went up to the film crew and asked if Jackson Rathbone or Robert Pattinson was there? They said yes everyone is going to be in the movie including the Hillywood Show. The wedding was going to take place on the island.

I was so geeked out when I learned my fav Cullen cast crews were all going to be there!

I tried to find Jackson Rathbone and Drew Lorentz so I can take a picture with both of them, of course I couldn't find them!

I did see Drew but he was with Emmett rehearsing some lines or something, I didn't want to be rude.

So then I turned to leave...

and guess who I literally bump into!!!!

dressed in his New Moon outfit!!!!

He actually took the time to talk to me!!!
 I asked if we can take pictures together, he said yes :)
 So then the paparazzi and my family surrounded us and snap pictures of Rob and I.
I felt like Kristen Stewart.

He held me next to him, so tight!! He squeezed me in as if he didn't want me to ever go...
This is the exact same pose we did. I did remember that he did this with Kristen Stewart. I told Rob, lets do something more personal otherwise my friends won't believe me and think it was some stupid face in hole picture.

He agreed, and he leaned over and kissed me on the lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


then some tongue action, a slip of the tongue!!! twice over mine, then a final kiss!!
all I could see were hundreds of flashing lights

I couldn't believe that just happened to me, I was lost in a deep high.... then I woke up with a huge smile :)

the end!

Friday, December 10, 2010

BooBoo Stewart Vs. Cougars


oh BooBoo, I am so sorry you had to go through that!! Gross!!

<What!! Lety!! What the heck are you speaking of?>

ok, ok here I goes....

Approx 2hours ago I was chopping up veggies for dinner and remembered oh the Twilight Convention is going on in Orlando, Florida. I then checked my Facebook and Twitter accounts to take a peak and see what everyone was doing at the Twilight convention. I so wish I was with my Florida area Twi-sistas!!!

So I see The Hillywood Show peeps are having fun, the guests, fans and everyone posting updates via Twitter... and what do I see!!!

according to

TwilightLexicon... (during Q&A)
"BooBoo once had a Cougar ask him to make out he was grossed out.  It only happened once.  It was his one awkward experience with an older fan".

now back to me..

and this my friends...
is so gross and unacceptable!!!

He is still a kid!!!! and I don't care if the cougar was 21, it's still gross!
to ask if he would want to make out!! that is extreme!!
love his cuteness and squee for him, but to ask him straight out!!
slap that ho with a bat!

Ew it's like, going googoo for one of my daughter's friends. Spit, Gag, Gross!!!

I know he is like 16, but while filming Eclipse he was not 16!!! He was younger, and for a cougar to ask him... to make out with him!!!

I feel a bit embarrassed, I hope he doesn't think all cougar's are like that.
That is not a cougar, that is a deranged psycho bitch.

I mean I love my wolf pack!!! but this is gross!!!

Anyone else with me?

Thank You Twilight Lexicon for your Twitter updates!!!!


Mama_Cougar via Twitter for posting to TwilightLexicon in reply to that tweet
"Well, you tell BooBoo that woman was no cougar, she was an escaped mental patient. We like younger MEN, NOT children".

<as I stood up and clapped and whistled at her reply>

Eclipse Midnight Release Party

I just came back from dropping off my daughter at school, then I went to the lovely gas station. I wanted to pay for gas with my debit card. The cashier asks for an ID. I openned my lovely Cullen crescent wallet and took out my ID, and handed it to her. 

She looked at it for a minute kind of confused. I didn't realize what was going on since she was behind the plasticky window that covered her with crap all over the window. I couldn't see that I didn't give her my real ID!!!
DUH!!! I accidentally  grabbed my Forks ID card that I got from 
(I shall post pictures at a later time, this TwiMom is super busy today and has to clean and cook before family gets home from school/work)

How embarrassing!! lol, in my defense my fingers were cold and couldn't feel what I grabbed, and I just handed it to her without looking. That is what I get for putting my Forks ID card with my real ID card, lol.

**********************WHAT A TWILIGHTY WEEK!!!*******************

I went to an Eclipse DVD Midnight release party, and I had a frk'n great time!!!!
they had Twilighty cakeys!!!

This is the Team Edward Cakey... you know I had a piece of this one!

                                                        Pocket Jasper loved the cake

We got our tickets to the raffles

They handed us a packet, Eclipse Trivia questions. I said to myself, oh I got this!!!!
I read the book plenty of times and watch the movie hundreds of time.
Well, they had funky questions such as....

1.What's the number of the boat that is docked when Riley is turned into a vampire?
2. What kind of blue flower is Bella and Edward's meadow?
3. What year does Charlie's police uniform show?

I said to myself, Wow, whoever gets these right must lead a sad sad sad life to know every detail of Eclipse the movie. So I went on and answered the questions, some of them were super easy for me, I honestly thought I got maybe half of it wrong. There were 34 questions. Hard questions!

Later on they announced the winners, there were 3 winners.
I told my daughter, eh, we didn't win.

They announced 2 of the winners, I clapped and would say smart ass remarks like no life nerds, etc

Then the 3rd winner was announced...
 Lety ...
what? how many Letys are there here!!!
then they  announced my last name!!! 
I was the sad no life winner!!!

I was amazed... hmm sad sap with no life???
nah!!!!! This proves, I am a true TwiMom!!! I am a True TwiHard fan!!!!!
so this is what I won!!!!
awesome, but I think I should have won a TwiHard trophy of some sort? To know those sad answers... please...... 
where's my trophy!!!

just kidding, I do appreciate they did this for us, not ever store had games and stuff for midnight release party. 

Cindy and I also won some raffles, we got the same things!! woohoo!!!
(some raffles were the actual movie!! and shirts!! boo that we didn't win those)


But!! what made it an awesome night was to be a true TwilightMom!!
My daughter kept thanking me :)
she kept saying how she loves doing these things with me
and that to me,  IS awesome!

oh... when we came out of the store... it had snowed!!!!
so we had fun writing in the snow on my car :)

the end!!!