Friday, October 15, 2010

Tag You're It

 My first Tag!!!!
!!thank you for tagging me and welcoming me in the Twibloggers world!!

1) What is your favorite holiday(any holiday) food?
Since I am Mexican it has to be tamales :) We make tamales every Christmas. There are different types of tamales, my favorite would be the red chile ones. Recooked tamales are the best, fire up the indoor grill and toast them up.. even better :) <whispers> I like mine with sour cream. Not sure if that is how we are suppose to eat them, but I do, lol

2) What was your favorite toy growing up?
Good question!!! I loved my Cabbage Patch Dolls!!! Oh I had soo many!! I think I had approx 8 of them. I still have 5 of them :) My husband gave me one few years ago as a gift. Oh I loved it. I named her Margaret. I love getting those types of gifts that actually mean something :)
Eric (now 21yrs old), Margaret (7yrs old), Christina (25yrs old)
picture recently taken at the filming of my Youtube video "La Llorona"

3) Are you a horn honker or scream at the jackass that pissed you off while you're driving person or a pacifist that keeps driving like nothings wrong?
Unfortunately I have severe road rage. People drive crazy in Chicago!!! (not proud on how bad I get) <as I put my head down in shame> 

4) What is your favorite article of clothing?
Seriously... my Eclipse shirt!!!! I have a bunch of Twilight shirts. Something about my Eclipse shirt that I love how it fits and feels :)

5) What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animals is Thee Monkey!!! I love monkeys, not because of 100 Monkeys. I always loveded them. They are so cute. I want a chimp to dress up and play with :) I would buy it a cell phone and teach it how to call.

6) What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex?
ahhh.... honestly my F#@k me eyes
(I have been told many times I have bedroom eyes)

7) Where do you like to go to have fun?

I am an nature type of chick.  It's really hard to do what I want to do in Chicago. I miss California so much (home). It's was way easier to go anywhere and everywhere. 


8) What song always makes you happy when you hear it?
"With you in my head"  U.N.K.L.E   Jasper <3 :)  I wish I had a switch or something, so when I walk into a room that song comes on. That is my theme song :)  hmm maybe I should do that with my IPOD? Everytime I walk into a room or down the street blast that mofo ;)                   


Since I am new, well I don't have many to tag :( 
if you have been tagged already you can choose to answer or not and if you haven't been tagged yet... YOU'RE IT!!! If you don't have your own blog answer our questions in the comments that would make the people in my head very very happy!

my questions are:
1. What is your worst fear?
2. What are you hobbies?
3. What is your favorite place to visit?
4. What is your favorite book (besides Twilight)?
5. If you can have a redo of your life, what would you have changed?
6. What is your favorite year and why?
7. What did you eat for dinner?
8. Who was your teen crush?

and everyone else (when I have new followers)


  1. I'll answer here since I don't know how many tagged posts are acceptable :)

    1) I'm afraid of a lot of things mostly bugs but my worst fear would have to be being shot.. I have no reason to fear it but I do.

    2) Watching movies, shopping, reading blogs

    3) The Zoo. I'm such a kid and I don't care I will run up to the animal exhibits and clap and point I always have a blast.

    4) hmmm that's hard, it's probably either The Making of the Atomic Bomb or From Manassas to Appomattox, I'm weird like that :)

    5) I would have chosen a more direct career path before I entered college.

    6) Um 2010 because I got to see Rob in person

    7) Well last night I had veggie stir fry and tonight it will probably be pizza

    8) Devin Sawa hmmm no Eric Von Detten no Nick Carter... oooo I have too many to choose.

  2. 1) Aliens!!! The gray ones!!!

    2) Crocheting. It keeps me from killing people. Also, working out math problems... I'm a nerd.

    3) I love to visit my old job where I tutored math. i miss you JJC!

    4) I love Pope Joan. A historical novel about the alleged first and only female pope. I wish the book was real, although it could get cheesy at times.

    5) Not taking high school seriously.

    6) 2007. I was 27, which is 3*3*3=3^3. (Told you I was a nerd.) It was the year I decided to stop complaining and do something so I don't have to be a bartender for the rest of my life.

    7) Haven't eaten dinner yet. Let's see if I could get the hubby to buy some Jimmy Johns.

    8) Remember Thomas McRocklin!? I can't remember any others because I was Ozzy obsessed, but I never really crushed on him.