Monday, October 18, 2010

The Twilighty Sangria Weekend

<sigh> The people in my head and I are very sad. Letylandia is kinda feeling blue and looking grey.
Why, but why precious Lety? <that is suppose to be you asking me>. Well, I have missed out a lot this weekend in the Twilighty world. I mean, don't get me wrong!!! I love having a real life and going out with real people. I just missed out on a lot!!!! Oh what kind of a Twilight fan am I!!

I should be thrown to the wolf pack for that. Well, that really would not be a punishment. As to I already met 3 of them, and they are mighty hot in person. Yes, so I says "Throw Lety to the wolf pack".
(these are the hotties I met) 

So as you guys all know, Rob, Kristen & crew already arrived in Louisiana to start filming Breaking Dawn this weekend. There were so many tweets, update status on facebook. Oh why oh why!!!! It was impossible to go through all of them!!!

Oh let's not forget, I missed the entire thing of whatever was going on in Twitterland with Drew Lorentz and live stream by DrewLorentzFans twitcam chat!!!! GGGrrr frk'n GGGrr HEAR ME ROOOAARR!!!! <damn the social life I decided to have this weekend> 

I did have a great weekend, I shall update you on what happened in Letylandia. (settle down people living in Letylandia) Sorry fans (fans=followers in Letylandia), you have to excuse the Letylandies (that is the name of the people living in my head) they just are a tad bit excited to share with everyone what went on in our little world.

Friday 10/15/10 My daughter didn't have school, that means we slept in.  The Letylandies don't sleep, they are kinda like Cullens. While I sleep they like to play on the auditorium, whatever they decide to act out, well that is what my dream is.  Thank You Letylandies for making such awesome dreams (I dream Twilighty most of the time).  I woke up and remembered, damn!! It's my turn to have movie day at my place for Cindy and her friends!!!! So off I go to pick her friends up. We watched "The Exorcist", and a bubble started to form above Lety's head. I said, "Cindy I have an idea!!!!"  Lety, Cindy and her friend Angelica will be working on a lovely project.  Should be ready by the end of Winter!!! Can't wait to show you all!

Later that day as I was stirring my spaghetti, Cindy decided to put on "Teach Me How to Dougie" song and somehow I was dancing while stirring the spaghetti. Cindy was shocked and blurted out, "MOM YOU KNOW HOW TO DOUGIE?"  Oh precious sweet innocent innocent Cindy of mine <as I caressed her soft cheeks>, of course I know how to dougie, what kind of a 30yr old would I be if I didn't know the latest dance?  I don't know how many times I have to remind her 30 is not old. I keep telling her "Remember that chick from 13 going on 30". That 30yr old chick was cool, therefore I am cool.  Back to "Teach Me How to Dougie", I wasn't a fan of that song until I seen this.....

and thanks to Drew Lorentz, I heart this song :)  I do a way better Dougie than he does (it's like watching a bunch of Tim Schmidts Dougie), and I luv it, the entire Hillywood Show rock. 
Saturday 10/16/10 I went to a party with one of my bestest Chicago cousin Sandra, she rocks an awesome Ozzy tattoo. He signed her arm and she ran and got a tattoo of it, that hecka rocks.  I really Twilighted that night away, I talked Twilight all night with her and my other cousin Ruben, never did they shut me up.  See those are the type of people who rock in your life, who don't judge and accept you as you are :)
Oh and I almost fell in my black shiny heels that night, good thing it was at the end of the night and no one but Sandra saw. I vowed I would never wear heels again, but we all know that is a lie. I kinda felt like Bella Swan though, they made Italiano for us. (Those who seen Twilight know what I am talking about)

Oh and yummy Sangria and margaritas

Sunday 10/17/10 One of my bffs made reservations for us (Cindy and I) at Buca Di Beppo, yummy Italian restaurant. 

I really wanted to feel like Bella Swan, so I asked the waitress if they serve mushroom ravioli.

DO YOU  KNOW WHAT THE HEIFER OF THE WAITRESS RESPONDED WITH!!!!! <I am doing a mocking ugly deep voice> "oooo I have never heard of that", It took so much in me not to grab the fork and shank her in the eyeball Mexican style. How dare you say such a thing!!! See if she was cool, she would have known what mushroom ravioli was, but since she obviously didn't watch Twilight, she is uncool.  Oh I almost fell back. I felt like giving her a good paper cut so Jasper would appear and shank her with his teeth.
... let me count to 10.... o.k I am back, well dinner was awesome. I am not allowed to eat til tomorrow (I want to look hot for Rob when I go stalk him at the Breaking Dawn Premiere).

OH did I tell you I had a lovely Sangria. 
I shall name this weekend The Twilighty Sangria Weekend :)


  1. I have to say that Tim Schmidt dances like a God of Sexy.

  2. Those wolves look mighty sexy! Could I be thrown in there too?! And I can't judge when it comes to obsession. When I lie about my birthday, I use Ozzy Osbourne's day and month, not the year because he is OLD and I don't wanna be that old.

    Oh noes!!!!!!!!! Tim is trying to dance now! Why did you encourage him?

  3. Sandra, maybe we should teach Tim how to Dougie?