Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Drew Lorentz?

Welcome to Letylandia, my Twilighty life. 

Hello, my name is Lety and I am a TwiAddict. I have a mini me (daughter) Cindy who is a Twilight Freak. 

I decided to blog because somehow I turn everything in my life Twilighty.  Well, most people will probably say "No, Lety it's just in your head".... <hih!!>

So, I decided to infect my lovely thoughts to the world....(the voices in my head live in)  
                                                                       "LETYLANDIA" ......  TADA!!!!
<as the people in my head clap, whistle and do a standing ovation>  Thank you, Thank you my fine fellow friends <as I throw kisses to the crowd>

My 1st post.... eh, wish I would have thought of Letylandia looong time ago.  I have so much to say, many Twilighty experiences in my life. It's awesome :) Wish you all could live there with me.

Well this morning I woke up, and (true story) the 1st thing I do is grab my phone to see my notifications and updates on Twitter and Facebook.  Hey, gotta keep up with the Twilighty world, don't want to miss a thing while I hibernate.  So guess who replied to my Tweet last night!!!! 

~~Erik Odom~~ squeee, sigh.
He is new to the Twilighty world, going to be in Breaking Dawn as Peter.  So excited!! Can't wait!!!

So that gave me an idea, I have to start printing out my Tweet replies from Twilight celebrities and putting them in my Twilight scrapbook!!!! 

I then told Cindy about my idea, somehow we started talking about The Hillywood Show. 

Oh I heart Drew Lorentz!!!  <people in my head ask>Why?...  Well, because I so freak'n heart Jasper Hale!!!!!  Therefore I heart Jackson Rathbone...BUT.... when I do meet Jackson, he will be Jackson and not Jasper.  The closest thing I will ever get to Jasper is The Hillywood show :)  and there is where Drew comes in :)  

Well Cindy forbade me to crush on Drew Lorentz!!! <as the people in my head scratch their heads in confusion>  Let me explain~ According to Cindy, if Hannah Hindi (Alice) and Drew Lorentz are a couple, well that is sooo not right.

Oh bloody hell!! She is right!! Hannah is the cutest thing ever, well no she is not a thing, but you know what I mean.  I can not crush on her man!!! Doe!!!! <sigh>  but.... <sigh>. O.K, Cindy, you win. I will not crush over Drew (that is a lie, don't tell her...SHHHH!!)  j/k.

Seriously, he rocks.  The Hillywood Show totally rocks, I am glad we were able to meet them at the Chicago Twilight Convention. 

(this was the 2nd take, "Jasper" offered to bite me!)

(1st take)
Cindy purchased this picture, they signed it for her.  Later I yelled at her, she told Hannah it's to Cynthia!!! WHAT ABOUT ME!!! YOUR MAMA!!!! Oh Cindy.. you sneaky sneaky little one! But I still love you :)

Thank You for reading my 1st post :)


  1. Yeah on the new blog. I am cheering for you in your head *clap, clap, clap*

  2. Yay! Congrats on your first post! Love your pics from the Twi Convention! I hope next time I will be able to join you!!!!

  3. Love the post!! I also LOVE Hillywood!! I have a picture almost just like that! :) Welcome to the world of Twi-blogging.