Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreaming of RobPorn

I haven't been on the computer much for a week or so, it felt longer though O-o

I have so much to catch up on with all the blogs I missed out on!!!!

I will stay away from the Breaking Dawn ones, I will not ruin the movie for me! Last time I did that was Resident Evil 3. When I finally went to see it~ well it felt as if I already seen it. I did not enjoy it at all (even though it sucked, I wish I didn't know about certain clips). 

I shall try and update on my Twilighty Life!!!!!

I had a ROBPORN dream!!!!

I was in his room (Twilighty version) hanging out and talking. 
I kept trying not to touch him inappropriately with my thoughts.
 I am not sure if my eyes gave my pornographic thoughts away.
I think he was on to me?

He got up and walked towards me!! I was sooo nervous, but I decided to go with it ;)

I whispered naughty things in his ear, things I can not even post on this blog!!
he begged me to quit talking and just do it....

I did, Of course that is what he wanted
I think he wanted it more than I did?
He rushed to undress himself,
he helped me strip him down, not selfish at all!!

I grabbed him and threw him against the wall, knocking down every picture frame off.
I attacked him as if a wild beast possessed my body and mind.
He invited me to travel down south with Mr. Happy,  now how can I not resist that!!!! I grabbed his package and happily accepted his invite.

and that is how it goes in Letylandia............................



  1. Lety you are too freaking funny! How is it you always have these dreams! What is your secret! I love how non-fake you are, you are who you are and not afraid to be you. Honestly, I just wanted to post that out there, you do not tip toe around, you are you, and I love you for it.
    I would be to shy to post those type of dreams, or even let people know I am an adult woman obsessed over Twilight. People know I love Twilight, but they don't know I LOVE TWILIGHT :(

  2. Do share what it was that may have sparked such a dream before you went to sleep that night? Were you fondling Robp0rn, reading fanfiction, or eating Twilight sweethearts?

    Cherish those dreams, Lety!

  3. HONESTLY!!! I fell asleep in my husband's arms and had my arms wrapped around his chest :) In my dream I was all over Rob's chest and it was strong and muscley, lol. When I told my husband about this dream he said "no wonder you were all over me lastnight" lol, I then felt his chest, I said "no way, Rob's chest is harder and bigger than this thing", lol... but I would have to thank the husband and his chest for my dream

  4. p.s I wish I can put this dream on DVD HD BlURAY so I can watch it over and over when I please, my own person Rob porn starrring Rob and Lety :)