Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hillywood Show Eclipse Parody vid & our reaction response

SQUEEEE!!! What a Twilighty Life!!! This week was Twitastic!! All those lovely pictures & vids of BD!!! I am on a BD diet right now, I can't peek anymore!

(pssst... between us, I cheated today, I took a peak at the pics of Rob on the beach for BD!! hottness!)



if you haven't seen it, please see it right now!!!!!! I guarantee you will love it!!! it is the best they have done so far!!! They did such a great job, it felt as if I was seeing bits and pieces of the real Eclipse movie with a lil Hillywood spice added ;)

fast frwd, Let's talk about... <SQUEEEE>.. Drew Lorentz <3 isn't he awesome!! He does such an amazing job playing Jasper <3 I can just melt!!!

....when I met him at the Chicago TwiCon... um, yes I did squee, several times (I blushes, kinda embarrassed)

I love Edward Cullen especially played by my Rob, I dig Edward Cullen played by Jacob Jost but it's didn't feel squeeish...UNTIL THIS PARODY... He made me melt a few times, especially at the meadow scenes, there was one point where he looked like Rob! (1:56ish) <drool>

Back to Drew... I can not get enough of anything Jasper Hale-ish :)
(Now, I am going to pretend Drew is reading this) Drew you rock!!! Just for that I think I will name a teddy bear after you <3                         Drew, I "heart" you!!!

The training scene!!!!!!!!!!!! my fav part of Eclipse and the parody!!! Drew's every movement was just like Jasper's!!!and so happy they included that part in the parody!!! The entire Hillywood cast rocked, thank you guys!!!! (as I throw Cullen sparkles at them)

Now let's talk about the ladies, Hannah (Cindy just loves her!!!) she is so cute! and Hilly- does a great Bella
and if it weren't for them.. there would be no Hillywood Show!! They deserve a big YAY!!! for them!!

This entire week we wondered what day exactly was the parody going to be released. We were ready to enter the contest! Even after working a 12hr shift I was still up for our reaction vid recording :)  The 1st time we watched it, was more like oh wow, the second time was when it sunk in, the major wowness, paid attention to the details, like hello!! Lety how come you didn't react to the leg hitch scene the 1st time!!!! teeheehee, he can hitch my leg any day I responded to myself ;) 

and here goes our video response, I doubt we will win anything, I just thought this would be fun to do with my daughter being we are huge fans of The Hillywood Show :) as of right now 60views, aw I feel loved <3

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  1. lmao 200views!!!! People must not have a life to watch other people watch youtube. You and your daughter are so cute. I wish my daughter was a Twilight lover!