Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Jumping Rob pictures

I have been working long shifts at work and totally missed out on the Jumping Rob frenzies!!! I got inspired, thanx to all who posted Jumping Rob pics :)  I made a few, would have made more, but I have to clean and cook for my family!!

Oh silly silly Rob!!! It's called Halloween!! He thought this thing was real and was trying to protect me. 

 This is Rob jumping off of Alcatraz Island, our tour boat group accidentally left him behind!!! Sorry Rob

Rob loves him some Twilighty birthday cake

I begged Rob not to crowd surf, I didn't want him to get hurt.. but glad he had fun ;)

Rob these aren't the bouncy balls from Chuckie Cheese, these are Easter eggs!!! Oh silly Silly Rob, I still love u!

Rob jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, what a brave brave man you are.

Rob backing up his Team Twilight loves, take that team Potter!!!

See Rob loves me, he wanted my opponents to loose!!! Thanx Rob for jumping into her Jenga turn ;)

Jumping Rob was so excited to see Robert Pattinson at Oprah!!!

Rob jumping off a rock concert stage!!! Rob hecka Rocks!!!

Rob did what I always wanted to do in Sacramento Airport!!!!

I almost swallowed Rob while doing tequila shots!!! Silly Rob how did you get in there?
Glad you were able to jump out and save yourself!

Rob again acting silly!!! He wanted to surprise Cindy at her birthday party by jumping out the window!


  1. Oh my god those are sooooo funny. I really like that jumping Rob is excited to see Robert Pattinson at Oprah lmao!

  2. I actually was thinking of you guys when I made that picture, lol. Now time to go look through more random pics of mine to see what I can create, lol

  3. LMFAO! JENGA! My eyes are literally crying.. Can't wait to see more! Please post more for us photoshop challenged people.

  4. The Jenga shot is hilarious!!! Love it!

  5. I wonder if he would play the Egg Game with us now that he is in the basket?