Monday, November 15, 2010

Second Life as Lety Cullen dream

I had a lovely Cullenillywood dream!!!! So everyone knows I "heart" Jasper Hale which makes me "heart" Jackson Rathbone and Drew Lorentz :)  Well my lovely brain must have been in the best of all mood to showcase this in the brain auditorium dream screen.

  The Cullens found me in the forest lost and confused.

Dr. Carlise asked me what was I doing out there alone, it's dangerous and I should get back home.  I told him I didn't have a home, I am trying to find shelter.  There is when Drew Lorentz of course not as himself but as Jasper appeared. (this is the best dream ever because there were 2 JASPERS!~ So we won't get confused let's rename the Jaspers... Jackson Rathbone Jasper is Jasper1, and Drew Lorentz Jasper is Jasper2). 

Jasper2 looked at me with hungry eyes, he looked so evil as if he wanted to hurt me.

He probably smelled fear all over me. I was walking backwards trying to get away from him and tripped over a tree branch and fell. Jasper1 then stepped in and told Jasper2 to control himself. Dr. Carlise had to jump in and hold Jasper2 back before he attacked me. (in real life, I would say.. ATTACK AWAY...attack away)

After they talked amongst themselves Jasper1 approached me and asked if I wanted to join their coven. (OH F*UCK YES!!!!!!!! would have been my reaction in real life)  I was not sure if that would be such a great idea. I am not a bad person, how can I go around killing people for blood?

Dr. Carlise had to explain their feeding style and how they are "vegetarian".  What convinced me was when he said, every vampire in their coven have special powers. I asked him, well what would be my special powers? He replied, only I would know and when it's time it will show itself. 

Jasper1 asked if he could change me, and I said yes I trusted him and not Jasper2.  This is the last memory I had in my human life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jasper getting ready to bite me!!!!!

I must have been out several days, I woke up on a day the Cullens were to battle the newborns in Eclipse. There was no time to train me! The Jaspers fought besides me to make sure I wouldn't get hurt.

I was seriously getting my newborn vamp ass kicked!!! 

Luckily Jaspers got them off of me before my Short Second Life as Lety Cullen was over with.  Jasper1 then took me aside, he shook and yelled at me. He was so angry I was not using my newborn strength. I immediately felt the vamp rage in me, I felt my cold blood on fire and I wanted to tear Jasper1 apart for making me so angry. I then realized, this must be my vamp power, this anger that I felt is more than a feeling.

I grabbed Jasper1 to piss him off and hoping he would want to fight me. I wanted to feel beyond angry, I felt something strange and powerful flowing through out my head & body. I didn't know what it was but I knew it had to be my secret vamp power. After Jasper1 and I stood there looking each other dead in each other eyes with a violent I want to kill you look, he realized I was up to something. He then began to encourage me to keep those angry feelings and concentrate. He then started to yell at me, and I began to breath harder, everything around me got silent and dark. I opened my mouth to let an angry growl out and that is when the earth shook. Every newborn vamp went down. And that my dears was my secret vamp talent. My angry growl vibrations can kill ;)

corny but I LOVE IT!!!!!


  1. Please share with us whatever it is you ate or drank prior to going to bed last night!
    That was quite involved but I loved who was involved! LOL

  2. seriously I always have the most awesomest Twilighty dreams ever.

    I am easy to dream something I did that day recently.

    I think what made me have this dream was the whole Hillywood Eclipse Parody release on Thursday night (watched it over 10times), then Saturday I watched Eclipse with my mom middle of the night. Then Sunday night I read "Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" before I went to sleep, all that created an awesome dream :)

    I was describing to Cindy my daughter how I looked before I let the growl out(it was if as if I watching a movie in my dream). I should have described it in my blog, but here it goes.

    My eyes were red, my stare was evil as I breathed rapidly. When I let my growl out, I actually seen the vibrations of my growl around me traveling through the forest. Hope I can continue it tonight, but I doubt it :(

  3. I love your Twilight related dreams! You should post them all on here. Now I want to go read them off of

  4. ay vay! You and your dreams! I envy you!