Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 The Year I met TwilightMoms

2010 frk'n rocked!!! I loved this year! I met so many TwiMoms in person from California, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  I also became friends with alot of TwiMoms via and fb, hope to meet them one day in person.

My fav would be when I got an email on from someone who lived in my hometown.  We emailed back and forth, mentioned other details to find out she was one of my daughter's teachers!

We were so embarrassed! but went ahead with our friendship :)

We went to Harpo studio to try and get a peak of the Twilight cast, and ended up meeting a bunch of TwilightMoms who are part of my life everyday. (I didn't post their pics on these videos, not sure if they would mind)

My second favorite is the Twilight Convention!!! The highlight of the convention besides reuniting with my TwilightMom friends  who drove out of state to be there, would be Michael Welch. Don't get me wrong Peter Facinelli is a total hottie, he is so nice and gave Cindy and I a hug. He is sooo soft <3 Also meeting Kiowa Gordon rocked.

But...Michael Welch. holy fuckaroni!!!!! That Michael is frkn buff!! His chest is like iron, those biceps.. my heart just started racing remembering.  I loved Michael Welch on Friday Karaoke night!!!! I would love for him to come back out to Chicago, karaoke was hecka fun with him!!! I got a hug from him as well after karaoke, he said thank you to me, sigh  (squeeee). I just wanted to grab his hair and do things to him.

After that I bumped into Bronson while he was eating pizza, chilling hanging out listening to the karaoke party. That was totally not expected!!!  Yes I did watch him eat pizza, those jaw muscles!!! I love jaw porn!!! I got a hug from him too (squeeeeee)

that night was EPIC! I will never forget it, I have all these images racing through my head, I wish I can just splatter them on this blog :) oh of course meeting Hillywood Show... droool.. DREW LORENTZ!

I just wanted to share some of my Twilighty Favs of 2010!!!!

thank you followers, I am a new blogger and hope to gain new followers for the upcoming year. If so, I shall do major give aways, I so need to clean out my closet! So spread the word and tell your peeps to follow :)


  1. I want to win Twilight stuff! Hurry clean out your closet! I hope Jackson goes to the Twilight convention in Chicago in 2011. I know that will just make your day :)

  2. I created an account just to follow you!!! Do I win a prize just for that? I read alot of blogs but don't follow, I think I need to do that since I noticed alot of bloggers do give aways. Am I being greedy? Just kidding, Love your blogs, you are funny.

  3. loverTwilight Welcome!!! Have you seen her collection? She has tons of Twilight merchandise! Lety what are you going to give away? How many followers do you want to get to start the give away?