Friday, December 10, 2010

BooBoo Stewart Vs. Cougars


oh BooBoo, I am so sorry you had to go through that!! Gross!!

<What!! Lety!! What the heck are you speaking of?>

ok, ok here I goes....

Approx 2hours ago I was chopping up veggies for dinner and remembered oh the Twilight Convention is going on in Orlando, Florida. I then checked my Facebook and Twitter accounts to take a peak and see what everyone was doing at the Twilight convention. I so wish I was with my Florida area Twi-sistas!!!

So I see The Hillywood Show peeps are having fun, the guests, fans and everyone posting updates via Twitter... and what do I see!!!

according to

TwilightLexicon... (during Q&A)
"BooBoo once had a Cougar ask him to make out he was grossed out.  It only happened once.  It was his one awkward experience with an older fan".

now back to me..

and this my friends...
is so gross and unacceptable!!!

He is still a kid!!!! and I don't care if the cougar was 21, it's still gross!
to ask if he would want to make out!! that is extreme!!
love his cuteness and squee for him, but to ask him straight out!!
slap that ho with a bat!

Ew it's like, going googoo for one of my daughter's friends. Spit, Gag, Gross!!!

I know he is like 16, but while filming Eclipse he was not 16!!! He was younger, and for a cougar to ask him... to make out with him!!!

I feel a bit embarrassed, I hope he doesn't think all cougar's are like that.
That is not a cougar, that is a deranged psycho bitch.

I mean I love my wolf pack!!! but this is gross!!!

Anyone else with me?

Thank You Twilight Lexicon for your Twitter updates!!!!


Mama_Cougar via Twitter for posting to TwilightLexicon in reply to that tweet
"Well, you tell BooBoo that woman was no cougar, she was an escaped mental patient. We like younger MEN, NOT children".

<as I stood up and clapped and whistled at her reply>


  1. Oh ew poor Booboo... that's disgusting! If it was a 16 y/o girl and a 21 y/o guy he'd be getting his @ss kicked. WTH is wrong with some ladies these days? I mean, I say some messed up/pervy stuff about the Twiguys but NEVER would even think something like that about Booboo... I never even thought of Taylor like that until he was over 18 and did that one GQ shoot.

  2. Oh nooooo! Poor Booboo. It sounds like he has a strong family base. I'm sure he'll be able to shake it off.

  3. Some people just don't think at all. Luckily it was one out of thousands. We can all just hope it doesn't happen again to him or any other young star.