Friday, December 10, 2010

Eclipse Midnight Release Party

I just came back from dropping off my daughter at school, then I went to the lovely gas station. I wanted to pay for gas with my debit card. The cashier asks for an ID. I openned my lovely Cullen crescent wallet and took out my ID, and handed it to her. 

She looked at it for a minute kind of confused. I didn't realize what was going on since she was behind the plasticky window that covered her with crap all over the window. I couldn't see that I didn't give her my real ID!!!
DUH!!! I accidentally  grabbed my Forks ID card that I got from 
(I shall post pictures at a later time, this TwiMom is super busy today and has to clean and cook before family gets home from school/work)

How embarrassing!! lol, in my defense my fingers were cold and couldn't feel what I grabbed, and I just handed it to her without looking. That is what I get for putting my Forks ID card with my real ID card, lol.

**********************WHAT A TWILIGHTY WEEK!!!*******************

I went to an Eclipse DVD Midnight release party, and I had a frk'n great time!!!!
they had Twilighty cakeys!!!

This is the Team Edward Cakey... you know I had a piece of this one!

                                                        Pocket Jasper loved the cake

We got our tickets to the raffles

They handed us a packet, Eclipse Trivia questions. I said to myself, oh I got this!!!!
I read the book plenty of times and watch the movie hundreds of time.
Well, they had funky questions such as....

1.What's the number of the boat that is docked when Riley is turned into a vampire?
2. What kind of blue flower is Bella and Edward's meadow?
3. What year does Charlie's police uniform show?

I said to myself, Wow, whoever gets these right must lead a sad sad sad life to know every detail of Eclipse the movie. So I went on and answered the questions, some of them were super easy for me, I honestly thought I got maybe half of it wrong. There were 34 questions. Hard questions!

Later on they announced the winners, there were 3 winners.
I told my daughter, eh, we didn't win.

They announced 2 of the winners, I clapped and would say smart ass remarks like no life nerds, etc

Then the 3rd winner was announced...
 Lety ...
what? how many Letys are there here!!!
then they  announced my last name!!! 
I was the sad no life winner!!!

I was amazed... hmm sad sap with no life???
nah!!!!! This proves, I am a true TwiMom!!! I am a True TwiHard fan!!!!!
so this is what I won!!!!
awesome, but I think I should have won a TwiHard trophy of some sort? To know those sad answers... please...... 
where's my trophy!!!

just kidding, I do appreciate they did this for us, not ever store had games and stuff for midnight release party. 

Cindy and I also won some raffles, we got the same things!! woohoo!!!
(some raffles were the actual movie!! and shirts!! boo that we didn't win those)


But!! what made it an awesome night was to be a true TwilightMom!!
My daughter kept thanking me :)
she kept saying how she loves doing these things with me
and that to me,  IS awesome!

oh... when we came out of the store... it had snowed!!!!
so we had fun writing in the snow on my car :)

the end!!!


  1. BAAA!! looser!! o.k I lied, I am jealous! Did you use your bag yet? Lucky you! We didn't have a release party by us :(

    p.s I am still waiting for you to put up pictures of Eclipse party from this summer!!!!!!

  2. Woo Hoo!! you won! Those questions were hard! What was the type of flower? Is it a cornflower? The bag is still a cool prize.

    Well great job and what fun for you and your daughter! So glad you both had so much fun!

    Oh, and LMAO that you handed the wrong ID!

  3. Wait - which one is you in the picture?? And which is your daughter??

    Congrats on the win - that is sooo cool. Those questions were crazy.

    I love that you used the wrong ID - I think you should keep using it to see if any one else notices LOL !!

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome time. Glad to hear it. I bet that cashier was like...uh...

  5. OMG I can't believe you used your Forks ID LOL!!! I always get crazy looks for my RPattz wallet but it's cool.

    I am totally in love with your pocket Jasper btw.

  6. @everyone, teeheehee, I should use my wrong ID "on accident" for now on!! hmm seriously.. not a bad idea!!!! knock on wood, imagine if I ever get pulled over, "may I see your license and registration" "here you go officer"... teeheehee, then I shall get arrested for using fake ID?

    @Dangrdafne, thank you!!! you just made me feel a weee bit younger, lol

    can't wait to the BD release party!! awhole year!!!! had a great night, it was Epic

  7. @Kassie, did you see my pictures on fb of you and my pocket Jasper... go on my album, it looks as if your pocket Edward is spooning my Jasper and fist pumping at the same time!!! LMAO!! EPIC!!!