Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson Rathbone!!!

 Today shall be a fabulous day!!
and why?   you ask?
It's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ birthday today!!!
(hint hint..see below)

and I am going to pretend Jackson Rathbone is reading this :)



happy birthday to you!! happy birthday to you!! happy birthday dear fabulous hot sexy Jackson!!!
happy birthday to you!!!

I made this with my own 2 little hands/clicking of a mouse/dragging pictures to fit etc etc
hope you like it!!!

hope you have a fantastic 26th birthday!!!

Today pocket Jackson and I shall celebrate his birthday together.
(o.k o.k, I know it's pocket Jasper, but for today it's pocket Jackson)

oh, yea... I have a bone to pick with someone!!
Why the heck do I have to work on Jackson's birthday!?!
I think Robert Pattinson's & Jackson Rathbone's birthdays should be national holidays!

Seriously People!!! it's not fair!

Work will not get in the way, Pocket Jackson and I shall have a piece of cake on my lunch break.
I shall sing to him and he WILL blow out his little candles (with my help)

he WILL wish to be my husband one day

Jackson.. your dream shall come true <sigh>

and we will have 100 little monkeys <3
or at least have fun trying to make them ;)


  1. LMAO! It had to be Lety. Happy Birthday J-Action. Hope he goes to the Chicago TwiTour 2011. I will have to pray for him and his ears. The only thing he will hear is SQUEE SQUEE SQUEEE EEEEE, lol.

  2. I hope your birthday wishes come true for Jackson LOL!!
    I love the face replacement in the pictures :)

  3. I don't know what I will do if he does come to the Chicago Twilight Convention this summer!!!!!!!!!! I know I will probably embarrass myself, who wants to come along and hold me back?

  4. @ Lety - I'll come along... of course I will be holding you back so I can get to him first LOL!!!!!

  5. @Dangrdafne, cat fight!!! can you imagine us climbing over each other for him!