Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Kiss from Robert Pattinson

Letylandies!!! <high five> I love you guys!!!!!

another ROB DREAM!!!
(unfortunately it wasn't RobPorn but still extra awesome)

I arrived on a beautiful Island during sunset. It was gorgeous!  It was for my cousin's wedding. She went all out on the wedding, paid for everyone to get there, hotel rooms, and etc.

Then I went shopping with my mom and found this elegant dress. It was kinda like a tube top shimmery silky black that faded into a silver/white color on the bottom of it covered with rhinestone. It had big rhinestones fading into small ones towards the bottom. The bottom part of the dress was black with a silky sheer layer over it, it made it look silvery when I walked. I loved it!!! It made me look thinner!! woohoo!!! I wore it right out the store :)

We walked down the sandy beach admiring the small boats on the ocean.. it was heaven.

Then we seen a big ship dock and a bunch of people coming out with cameras/equipments.

I asked around what was going on! Was it part of my cousin's wedding?

My cousin then found me in the confusion of movie producers and staff. She pulled me and told me they are filming some movie called "Breaking Dawn".

I squeeeeed and jumped!!! I was practically shaking my cousin trying to explain Twilight and Robert Pattinson. 

 Some of my other cousins were standing around whispering how they seen my facebook statuses and know how much of a TwiFan I am.

Then guess who walks out of the ship passing me!!!!!

Kellan Lutz!!!! (in his Emmett Cullen look)

I squeed and couldn't remember his real name, I went blank!!
(damn letylandies)

 I knew I had to yell out something to get his attention and say hi to him.
 So I yelled out "EMMETT", then realized what a moron I was... he is not Emmett.
He is just playing a character named Emmett, he must think I am a looser!
But he turned and said hi to me :)

I was so excited! I went up to the film crew and asked if Jackson Rathbone or Robert Pattinson was there? They said yes everyone is going to be in the movie including the Hillywood Show. The wedding was going to take place on the island.

I was so geeked out when I learned my fav Cullen cast crews were all going to be there!

I tried to find Jackson Rathbone and Drew Lorentz so I can take a picture with both of them, of course I couldn't find them!

I did see Drew but he was with Emmett rehearsing some lines or something, I didn't want to be rude.

So then I turned to leave...

and guess who I literally bump into!!!!

dressed in his New Moon outfit!!!!

He actually took the time to talk to me!!!
 I asked if we can take pictures together, he said yes :)
 So then the paparazzi and my family surrounded us and snap pictures of Rob and I.
I felt like Kristen Stewart.

He held me next to him, so tight!! He squeezed me in as if he didn't want me to ever go...
This is the exact same pose we did. I did remember that he did this with Kristen Stewart. I told Rob, lets do something more personal otherwise my friends won't believe me and think it was some stupid face in hole picture.

He agreed, and he leaned over and kissed me on the lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


then some tongue action, a slip of the tongue!!! twice over mine, then a final kiss!!
all I could see were hundreds of flashing lights

I couldn't believe that just happened to me, I was lost in a deep high.... then I woke up with a huge smile :)

the end!


  1. oh wow. That's funny. "Some" movie called Breaking Dawn!!

  2. The picture of you with Edward/Rob is so real, it is kinda scary. I wonder if Mrs. P of TiwBite could analyze this dream for you. She is really good and it is always interesting to see what your dreams mean.

  3. @Cristina... and when you said "some" you waved your arms in air as if you were making fun of it, yup so you in even in my dream.

    @Dangrdafne, thanx. I wish that picture was real, I wouldn't have let him go, lol. I think I need to have a chat with Mrs. P of TwiBite :)