Friday, December 3, 2010

A Twilighty Christmas


I got me a feathery Christmas tree in honor of Breaking Dawn :)
on my bedroom night stand... <sigh>

In my daughter's room, my husband decided to make A Christmasy Edward for her.

                                                                      !!!I just had to share!!!


  1. Awww Lety that tree is adorable!!! Now about lit up Edward, errrr...that's not a fire hazard or anything is it? LOL

    PS- I just got me a New Moon FSE and every time I walk into the room and my vision catches it before my mind registers what it is, he scares the crap out of me!!!

  2. I love the feather tree, so pretty and very clever too. It is appropriate that it is next to your bed ;)

  3. @TongueTwied, lol fire hazard? I thought about that, so we don't leave it on unattended, only if we are in the room. yes we actually hang out in her room and stare at it, lol

    @Dangrdafne.... I finally told my hubby why the feathers... he rolled his eyes (teeheehee)