Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eclipse, behind the scenes... Jasper you silly silly man

How Lety began to heart Jasper!!!!

When I first watched Twilight, of course I fell in love with Edward Cullen. So perfect!!
<as lety melts off her seat like candle wax> 

The introduction part was dreamy, oh Edward you make me think naughty naughty thoughts. Then walked in Jasper, the one that looks like he's in pain. 

THE HAIR!!! Yes, his hair is what I fell for. I always been attracted to men with funky hair. His hair was hecka hot!!!! Jasper was quite intriguing, hmmm.  Then New Moon came along. OME!!!! (Edward is still my heart), but Jasper is frkn hot!!! His hair rocked!!! Alot of people hated his hair, dudes!! It's gorgeous!!! Are you guys blind!!! It's so wild and untamed!! If I ever have a fantasy that would come true would be Jasper with that hair!! I will just have to pull on that wild hair of his.... <as I drool uncontrollably>

My fav scene in New Moon was of course when he tried to attack Bella, oh the evil vamp faces he made....swooon!!!

<in Lety's British accent>
Jasper, you silly vamp, you make me feel like a dirty dirty horny man.
(sorry, didn't mean to misbehave on here)

I shall stop here, I do not want to have inappropriate thoughts running through my mind before I pick up my daughter from school.  That is kinda gross.

I have to appear angelic and motherly like.

.......count to 10

O.K, I have calmed down the swoon, down girl, down girl.

When I read Eclipse 2 yrs ago, I knew it was going to be an awesome movie because of Jasper. I knew he was going to be the movie. In my eyes, he made Eclipse rock!! It was all about Jasper. I just loved his back round.  The training scene was my fav!!!! Look at him go!!! <sorry, but the Letylandies are playing the movie in my head> OH!  those thighs........... <swooon> sorry, I feel a cold shower coming up very very soon.

I think this will be my fav behind the scene, can't wait to get my Eclipse movie in December!!!!!

enjoy ladies!!!

oh and p.s isn't Rob so cute!!! I love his silliness, I can go on about Rob but this Letylandia segment is all about Jasper.

(meet me in the alley at 9pmish)

oh p.s Melissa Twilightlover, thank you too for posting this vid on fb, warning this vid maybe taken down by Summit (it was a leak)