Monday, November 1, 2010

!!A Twilighty Christmasy Birthday!!

               Welcome back my favorite Letylandiesers

               <as my little letylandies rush back to their auditorium seats in my head>
<oh look at that one, it's soo cute it's still in it's Halloween costume, aww let me go pet it>

....I kinda feel like a kid

again I woke up with 1 sock on, and have been walking around with just 1 sock on for the past hour or so. My left foot is cold, urgh  but kinda feeling lazy to put another sock on. O'well.

Sorry, I have been away in the real world. I had a wonderful week last week, because it was my birthday week!!!!
<as the letylandies clap and get rowdy> <settle down little ones, settle down>

So for my 31st birthday the hubby told me he is making me dinner and inviting my parents over. Woohoo!!! Our place was clean, nothing to do, so I decided "hey!!! I want a Twilighty birthday!!"

I ran to party City and got me an Eclipse table cloth thing, I got the Twilight & New Moon cut outs from Cindy's room and stood them next to the table. I also grabbed a bunch of apples and made a center piece.

 Later that day the hubby came home with a bouquet of beautiful red roses in an Eclipse theatre cup (he must have planned it and snuck it out of Cindy's room the night before).

I got the best Twilighty gifts that night. I got everything I wanted!!! The hubby gave me my own RobPorn Calender!!!! (I was totally not expecting that one) When you open it, it is very big!!! I also got a pocket Jasper!!!!! I have been asking for it for months, everytime I asked for it he would seem as if he was ignoring me. He sure fooleded me!!! What else, oh yea, he ordered the Bella ring for me, can't wait to get it!!!

My daughter got me Volturi make up :) and Eclipse drinking cup (which is now in her room in her collection area)

Oh and my TwilightMom bff (teeheehee I call her my TwilightMom bff because she is my Robsessed Twilight partner in crime bwaahaahaahaaha, 1st TwiMom I ever met)... well she gave me the Edward and Bella Christmas Ornament!!!!!! I so thought I was never going to get it, I tried to order it from Hallmark online once and they said they were sold out!!!!!! So this rocks!! I shall go buy me a small Christmas tree for my bedroom, this will be the only ornament on it :) 

I also got a Ritchie Valens book, I am a huge fan of Ritchie Valens!!!! I am half way done! I feel as if I am there with him, watching his last performances, his last moves. It's beautiful.  My cousin Ana mailed it for me as my bday present all the way from California :)

yay me!!! Now I must run and feed the letylandies some Halloween candy!!!