Monday, November 29, 2010

Dreaming of RobPorn

I haven't been on the computer much for a week or so, it felt longer though O-o

I have so much to catch up on with all the blogs I missed out on!!!!

I will stay away from the Breaking Dawn ones, I will not ruin the movie for me! Last time I did that was Resident Evil 3. When I finally went to see it~ well it felt as if I already seen it. I did not enjoy it at all (even though it sucked, I wish I didn't know about certain clips). 

I shall try and update on my Twilighty Life!!!!!

I had a ROBPORN dream!!!!

I was in his room (Twilighty version) hanging out and talking. 
I kept trying not to touch him inappropriately with my thoughts.
 I am not sure if my eyes gave my pornographic thoughts away.
I think he was on to me?

He got up and walked towards me!! I was sooo nervous, but I decided to go with it ;)

I whispered naughty things in his ear, things I can not even post on this blog!!
he begged me to quit talking and just do it....

I did, Of course that is what he wanted
I think he wanted it more than I did?
He rushed to undress himself,
he helped me strip him down, not selfish at all!!

I grabbed him and threw him against the wall, knocking down every picture frame off.
I attacked him as if a wild beast possessed my body and mind.
He invited me to travel down south with Mr. Happy,  now how can I not resist that!!!! I grabbed his package and happily accepted his invite.

and that is how it goes in Letylandia............................